Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Analogy of a Rainbow

Ok so this latest blog has been inspired my guy friends. 
Boys of Apt. 34...Mark, Brad, Kendric, and Ryan
all credit is given to you on this one. 
For they are the ones who came up with the analogy of a rainbow.
And what exactly is the analogy of a rainbow?
Let me tell you. 

So in life we all have that one person we chase after. 
The one person we secretly like, but we are too afraid to tell them. 
We go around thinking of that one person.
Wishing and hoping, that maybe
just maybe, one day something magnificent will happen.
But alas... reality happens.

That person gets in a relationships. 
That person moves to a far away distant land. 
Or maybe just turns out to be something different. 
These my fine feathered friends, are rainbows. 

Because no matter how hard you try, you can't catch a rainbow. 
They disappear. 
They fade like your favorite pair of jeans. 
We all have rainbows. 
But don't fear...
cause the sun will come out tomorrow. 
And life will go on without out catching the rainbow. 
Rainy days come and go, and new rainbows will appear. 
I mean we have eventually got to catch a rainbow right?