Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Potty Time

With a three year old boy, life is always interesting.  
And today was definitely an adventure to say the least. 
So its that time....
Its time for Potty Training!!!
and oh boy its turning out to be an adventure.
Peyton is enjoying potty training I think. 
Every time he goes he gets a "Potty Treat".

He's becoming quite the little candy hoarder. :)
Earlier today I thought potty training was the cutest thing ever...
however my mind has now been changed. 

It all started with going to Conner's T-ball game. 
Where Peyton declared he had to go potty, 
so being the great aunt that I am 
I hauled the little munchkin to the bathroom. 

Upon arriving at the porta potty, 
Peyton took one look at it and kept asking, 
"What is that?" over and over again 
It was quite hilarious.  
Then the unthinkable happened.  
That little stinker peed on my foot. 
He literally did.  

Wait though...that isn't the best part. 
In the porta potty next to us was Conner's T-ball coach
(who I happen to think is quite attractive)
I'm pretty sure he heard me freak out over the pee on my foot. 
Haha isn't my luck the greatest? :)

Both me and Peyton got potty treats for that one,
 Thank goodness.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oh the people I meet

Oh the people I meet
Tourist jobs really are so sweet:)
I love working in downtown Anchorage. 
I love the local businesses
I love seeing the vendors and the local restaurants.
Just the other day a whole fire truck stopped at the local hot dog stand across the street.
My literally dropped open. 
But let me tell you....His hot dogs are so worth it 
 Working downtown is fun.
Its very entertaining (love people watching).
and it is very educational. 

I have had the chance to get to meet so many neat people. 
 This week I met a women pilot. 
A women pilot who was 50 or 60 years old
Totally shocked I was haha:)
I also had the opportunity to talk with a Cardiac Surgeon 
he came all the way from....Cairo Egypt!
While ringing up his order, I couldn't help but stare at his hands.
And all that went through my mind was....
 his hands have touched a heart.
He has cut chests open with a scalpel...
Haha but that man was awesome:)

I've met some sister missionaries, 
one of which was from Byu-Idaho.
Its astonishing the connections people make with each other.
Same religion.
Same school.
Same state.
Mutual friend.

This job is just so great
and its only getting better:)
Cruise ships are starting to come in:):)
Tourist rock!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Lessons from a 3 yr old

So my 3 yr old nephew
is the absolute cutest thing ever.
Today he told me this:
"I like your earring.  I kiss them."
therefore he kissed them.
how cute. 
The same thing goes for my shirt
and my hair, and my eyes. 
The list goes on & on
You boys could learn a lesson from him.
Just saying we don't mind the kisses, 
in fact we encourage them

Boys also take notice of this one. 
Both of my nephews are always complementing my sister and me
"You look pretty today"
"I like your shirt"
"I like your red shoes"

But this one is my favorite.  
I hear these three words about a hundred times a day....
you really can't beat that, right?
Boys you could learn a lesson from them.


I don't drink
I don't smoke
I don't sleep around 
I don't even swear all that often
Here in Alaska, I am the minority
Its strange really.

All my life I have been the majority. 
Raised in a good LDS home and community. 
I did what everyone else did...nothing.
I've never had to stand up for my religion before, 
or even say what my religion was, others just knew. 
Getting out of the bubble I have lived in, 
has really opened my eyes. 
And it sure does make you feel good about yourself. 

I'm proud to say I'm drug free. 
I'm proud of the fact I don't need a smoke break. 
I don't need a glass of wine this weekend
And I don't need to get wasted to solve my problems. 
Swear words aren't part of my vocabulary. 
Relationships are a BIG DEAL to me,
And I'm proud to say,
That I'm 18, and I still have my innocence
and nothing feels better than to be able to say that
I deserve a pat on the back