Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Whose idea was this anyways?

College is fun?
haha this makes me laugh. 
College is overrated.
I mean sometimes it literally sucks.
If there was only a place I could go to be social.
A place where i didn't have to learn.
is gonna be
the death of 

With two papers, four quizzes, one test, and one math project
you can kinda see where I'm coming from:)
Lets just say the weekend can not come fast enough!!
Although i will probably spend my Saturday catching up on homework.
Now that my friends is something to look forward to:)
This people is my study hair.

But the funny thing about college is,
Sure this week i hate it.
But come the weekend and a new week,
  I know i'll love it again:)
And a question for ya, how do you get rid of bags under your eyes?
hahaha besides the whole "more sleep" thing :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

A Boy-less blog

There is this story. 
It actually is very short. 
And it kinda sucks.
But here it goes.

So there we sat. 
We as in: Hadlee, Schae and myself
Anyways. It was Saturday night. 
And we were all alone. 
So we said forget boys, and instead we had a GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!!
Hahaha the boys would've been better. 
But we made do with what we didn't have:)

So where does one go on a girls night out?
.........OLIVE GARDEN!!........
We were secretly hoping to have a hot waiter.
After all we had to make up for the lack of guys in our lives.
But much to our surprise...we got a chick.
Greatest luck on the earth. 
Check us out.
Hottest single girls at Olive Garden.

So to end a perfect night,
we went and played basketball.
Thats right, i got my Michael Jordan on.
Sunk a couple three pointers.
Double dribbled more than once. 
Lost our ball under the stage.
AND experienced a Fart bomb going off just down the hall.
But thats not even the best part. 
We met some PEOPLE!!
Not strange people either. 
Real people. 
People who invited us to play wallyball. 
So girls night was a hit.

But a little secret for ya.....
Although it was a fun night
I'd rather spend the night hanging with a boy. 
A certain somebody. 
If you know what i mean ;)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Freakin Bug Central

So i have this car. 
Its super cute.
Super classy. 
And full of personality. 
The problem is...everyone else has the same car!
Its so frustrating.
Welcome to Freakin Bug Central.

Don't believe me?
Hahaha, well you should.
In my apartment complex there is six bugs.
2 yellow, 1 red, 1 silver, 1 white and 1 blue.
But a little secret for ya...mines the cutest and most original:)

So i have a story. 
The other day i went shopping.
And when i came out to my car...
Check it out:)
How cute. It made my day.

So when i came home the other day, i saw this...
And i just couldn't resist.
SO...i did this:
Hahaha YEP. 
I sticky noted all of them. Mine included.
It was great.
It literally made my day.
Gotta love good some sticky notes:)

Monday, January 9, 2012


Ever done something unlike yourself?
Well i don't think i have.  Really i can't come up with anything.
But soon thats all about to change. 

Im in a new semester at Byu-Idaho. 
I have new roommates.  
I have new friends. 
 and i have a new church calling.
Fun right?

Well I'm actually kinda freaking out about it!!!!
Lets just say, i have been crippled. 
how you ask?
By having such amazing friends and roommates.
I have come to realize that i don't really know how to socialize with people.
I'm far from being anti-social.
But i sure ain't no social butterfly.

I was literally dropped off at college last Monday.
All by my lonesome self.
Just me.

I did't know my roommates.
Which means they didn't know me.
And i only knew one girl up here. 
But you know what?
So far its been going GREAT!
I've met some people, and hung out tons. 
Plus turns out my roomies are super cute girls.
Especially my roommate Ella.
She is a doll.
And she from Albania:)
Can you say cutie?!
She took me shopping for guys on her Facebook.
Hahaha what an experience!!

Sunday i also got a new church calling....
2nd Counselor in Relief Society 3
Its a pretty big deal
especially since i was an indexer last semester.
Really freaking out about this.
I have to talk in front of people.
And teach.
Yep, freaking out. Still.

My goal this semester is to be a social butterfly.
Im not gonna think about things,
Im just gonna do.
Even if i make a fool out of myself.
Because i will probably never see these people again
What have i got to lose?
Besides my dignity
So heres to being a social butterfly...
May i survive this semester, in one piece.