Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Living in Color

So guess who had another great weekend. 
Me. !!
This last weekend my roommates and myself took a road trip down to Utah. 
It was pretty much the best time of my life. 
No joke. 
Ok maybe a little joke.
But it was pretty darn great.
We have a video to prove it.

So...we went down for the festival of color. 
and what is that may you ask?
Its a Hindu celebration down in Spanish Fork
 and its only the best celebration on earth. 
Its literally about 10,000 mormons Vs. 25 Hindus. 
So freakin fantastic. 

This is just walking to the festival. 
We aren't even there yet people. 
Secret for ya...
walking there someone grab my butt. 
first time someone has ever done that. 
felt a little bit violated
i don't even know his name...or what he looked like. 
Oh well. 

So check out this rad pics of our weekend :)
 So awesome 
 Chalk for the final color throw
 The Hindu temple. 
And I know what your thinking, 
and yes we did go to India.
 Ela rocking it out
 haha mirror photo. 
had to take one eventually right?
But check out that color
 Emily and me getting some fresh air

And that wasn't the end to our fabulous weekend. 
We shopped till we dropped. 
And we are now all starving college students. 
Quite literally. 
 And Sunday we went to temple square. 
hahaha and later on...we broke the Sabbath with some more shopping. 
You only live once right? :) 

Gosh I love these girls so much. 
They have made this semester amazing!!
I have been able grow so much as a person because of them.
Its been an freakin awesome semester with them at my side. 
I mean who wouldn't want five big sisters to threaten my crushes?
That right there is legit people. 
XOXOXO love you girls!!

Saturday, March 10, 2012


Im a happy girl. 
Because so far I've had a pretty freakin weekend!!
and it only keeps getting better.

It was supposed to be a gorgeous weekend, so we took advantage of it. 
This morning Ela and I went and walked dogs at the animal shelter. 
It was totes adorable. 
Love every second of it. 
One thing about being in college is I've missed my dogs. 
Plus shelter dogs are so cute. 

After that....I taught Ela how to drive my car!!
Wow, that was quite an experience. 
But it was a good one, and she did fantastic. 
Only she got my freshly washed car dirty in the mud.  
It was totally worth it though:)

We came home to find some of our friends driving scooters and a moped in the parking lot...
So we hop in on the fun. 
Went cruising around town on the back of the moped. 
Soaked up the sun. 
Actually this whole weekend has been fabulous.  
Friday night I raced a kid at a stop light. 
He revved his engine, so I revved mine back. 
I don't think he was expecting that. 
and I sure as heck don't think he was expecting  for me to see him in my rear view mirror. 
It was epic. 
This weekend was epic.
So. Much. Fun.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That Look

So tonight I was watching a movie with Ela, 
and you can only guess that it was a chick flick. 
We watched 27 dresses. 
One of my favorite chick flicks ever. 
Its so adorable. 
James Marsden is just adorable. 
When he's singing Bennie and the Jets
And especially when he gives that look. 
You know the one. 
The one where the bride walks down the isle to her groom. 
It's just so stinking cute. 
I want that look. 
Not now.
Whenever it comes will be fine with me. 
But I hope on my big day, my groom gives me that look.
Every girl deserves that look I think:)
Plus doesn't that look make a good love story?
I think so.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It's Officially Official!!

I have some super exciting news. 
Wait for it.....
Just kidding, thats cruel. 

I really mean it. 
The plane ticket has been bought. 
The plans have been made(sort of), 
And everything is coming together nicely!

My super cute sister Meagan and her husband Darren are kindly taking me in for the summer. 
Why may you ask?
Well because Alaska is the BOMB!
And I don't want to go home, 
I wanna see the world. 
Might as well if I have the chance, 

I'd be working up there full time on my off track.
I'd spend my days with my two studs; Connor and Peyton
Can't wait to spend six months with these guys. 
This is gonna be awesome.  
Alaskan adventure here I come:)