Sunday, December 29, 2013

The New Year

So it's that time again.
The New Year. 
So without further ado...

My New Year Resolutions:

Don't use my headphones as often. 
Turn off the Technology More. 
Be better at keeping in touch.
Engage in more improvisations, especially in the following media:
Painting, Dancing, Singing, Photography. 

Get More Sleep.
Drink More Water.
Get More Exercise.
Read More.
Get More Organized. 
Clean More Often. 
Explore More.
Relax More. 
Have More Patience.
Forget Doing 'More'.
Just Try My Best.

Try a new food. 
Learn a new skill. 
Do a good deed. 
Visit a new place.
Write something important.
Do something good for someone who can not thank you.

Cheers to the New Year. 
And thanks to 2013. 
It was a year of finding myself. 
Appreciating more. 
Taking less for granted. 
And appreciating the beauty. 


Friday, May 3, 2013

April Showers Bring May Flowers

So now that April is over 
and its now May, 
time to show a little appreciation 
to those flowers!

So without further adieu... a poem :)

If you love a flower
don't pick it up.

Because if you pick 
it up it dies & it
ceases to be
 what you 

So if you 
love a 
let it 

Love is not about 

Love is about 

 Alaska has the prettiest flowers!!
These pots were lined on the streets where I worked.

 More pots in Alaska. 
Outside a chocolate factory. 
Good taste in Chocolate and Flowers!

Found these beautiful flower beds 
in downtown Anchorage Alaska. 

 Alaska. Not Hawaii


Love Love Love the wildflowers 

 K...I picked these ones haha

Byu-Idaho Campus

Byu-Idaho Gardens

Love that its May. 
And love that this world is made beautiful 
by the simple things like flowers!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bad Pins

Even Divas like to Scuba Dive?

This is your brain. This is your brain in yarn. 

Too far, competitive bride. Too far.

Playing with your Barbies isn't cool enough anymore.

No time for a pedicure.

A Croc/UGGS/Fivefingers mashup? Its a trifecta of hideous shoes.


Thursday, February 28, 2013

Random Randoms

On a blog that is all about being random
Today I blog about the very most random things. 
Most of which have nothing to do the other things, 
but it works just the same. 

All that randomness plopped on a page...

I just think these sheep are the bomb. 
I would totally own a sheep like this.

 Want to see this movie again...for the third time.
Cheap theater!

Jack said it. Girls smell nice. 
Go girls:)

Anybody remember playing with polly pockets?

Got to see my lovely family this week. 
What a fine color coordinated family. 



I'm 38% Caregiver
25% Fashionista
17% Spiritual
20 % Random
Really no surprises
Find out what you are at: 

Sometimes I can be a burrito of sadness.

One last #obsession
Love The Lumineers

What's your Random Randoms?


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Advice From A Tree

Stand Tall And Proud

Go Out On A' Limb

Remember Your Roots

Drink Plenty Of Water

Be Content With Your Natural Beauty

Enjoy the View


Tuesday, February 5, 2013

20 Questions

So I stole this idea from my super cutie of a friend Elisabeth,
showin her some bloggin lovin
go check her out people.

Were you named after anyone?  Kinda. Sorta. I guess not really... My dad really liked the name Madison and was adamant about naming his little girl Madison.  The irony comes when I tell you that my mom was from Madison County...where everything was about Madison. Needless to say, now I'm going to school in the same Madison County. And yes everything is about me up her. JK. But really, I'm kinda a big deal. 

Do you like your own handwriting?  Eh. Not really. But it totally depends on the day. And what I'm writing about. For instance I'm taking a hand writing course right now, definitely don't like it then. Too structure, and no personality to it. 

What would your superpower be if you could choose one?  Superhuman strength. Lets face it I'm a weakling...I can only bench press 45 pounds at the gym. And I sometimes drop it on my chest...pathetic. 

Are you an optimist or a pessimist?  Optimist baby. 

What do you collect?  Clothes, Books, and Jewelry

What movie would your friends be surprised that you like?  Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. A classic musical. I was in the play when I was younger.  It will always have a place in my heart. "Bless your beautiful hide, wherever you may be. We ain't met yet, But I'm willing to bet, You're the gal for me. "

What are your favorite smells?  Babies. Gasoline...strangely, but it reminds me of the outdoors and trail riding. The rain-I wish every day would smell like that. 

What is the best thing you've ever eaten? Where?  Haha all I can think of, is the hot dog stand in Alaska. Louisiana Hot Dog with sautéed onions and BBQ sauce. I want one right now 

Mac or PC?  Mac

What are you listening to right now?  Gossip- Heavy Cross.     Ingrid Michaelson- You and I.    Ed Sheeran- Lego House AND....Jack Johnson- Better Together

What career would you like?  I wanna work with little children. Those munchkins have an extra special place in my heart. Early Childhood Special Education is currently calling my name. 

What sounds do you love?  Thunder. I was in Alaska all summer and only heard it once, love me some good thunder now that I'm older. I also love the sound of a smile. Face it, you can always hear in someone's voice if they are smiling. 

What sounds do you hate?  Snoring. Sirens. And dripping facets. 

Mountains or beach?  Mountains. Hands down. 

Cooking or Baking?  Cooking. To many ingredients and processes in baking. 

Do you go to restaurants or movies alone?  I prefer not going to either alone:) I like having company. Plus if I did, I would just end up talking to myself. Awkward for everyone. 

What is your favorite fairy tale/childhood story?  I just loved BOOKS! The kissing hand, Owl Moon, and Cinderella is my favorite Princess. 

What would you tell your 13-year old self? Don't worry about being that band geek. Its helping you pass your music class in college. My recorder is coming along easily... and I don't practice, but don't tell my professor. 

What is your first memory? Hmmm. Maybe dropping my lil' sister Mercedez on her head when she was a baby. Sorry sis, but remember I was only about 3. Cut me a little slack ;)

At what age did you become an adult? About 18 yrs. old. Winter semester, my mom dropped me off at college. I knew no  one, and I admit I cried like a baby. But I survived and I LOVED IT! Grew the most that semester, then went off on a six month adventure to Alaska. Major changes that year.


Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Analogy of a Rainbow

Ok so this latest blog has been inspired my guy friends. 
Boys of Apt. 34...Mark, Brad, Kendric, and Ryan
all credit is given to you on this one. 
For they are the ones who came up with the analogy of a rainbow.
And what exactly is the analogy of a rainbow?
Let me tell you. 

So in life we all have that one person we chase after. 
The one person we secretly like, but we are too afraid to tell them. 
We go around thinking of that one person.
Wishing and hoping, that maybe
just maybe, one day something magnificent will happen.
But alas... reality happens.

That person gets in a relationships. 
That person moves to a far away distant land. 
Or maybe just turns out to be something different. 
These my fine feathered friends, are rainbows. 

Because no matter how hard you try, you can't catch a rainbow. 
They disappear. 
They fade like your favorite pair of jeans. 
We all have rainbows. 
But don't fear...
cause the sun will come out tomorrow. 
And life will go on without out catching the rainbow. 
Rainy days come and go, and new rainbows will appear. 
I mean we have eventually got to catch a rainbow right?