Sunday, December 29, 2013

The New Year

So it's that time again.
The New Year. 
So without further ado...

My New Year Resolutions:

Don't use my headphones as often. 
Turn off the Technology More. 
Be better at keeping in touch.
Engage in more improvisations, especially in the following media:
Painting, Dancing, Singing, Photography. 

Get More Sleep.
Drink More Water.
Get More Exercise.
Read More.
Get More Organized. 
Clean More Often. 
Explore More.
Relax More. 
Have More Patience.
Forget Doing 'More'.
Just Try My Best.

Try a new food. 
Learn a new skill. 
Do a good deed. 
Visit a new place.
Write something important.
Do something good for someone who can not thank you.

Cheers to the New Year. 
And thanks to 2013. 
It was a year of finding myself. 
Appreciating more. 
Taking less for granted. 
And appreciating the beauty. 


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