Thursday, December 29, 2011

The naming of the blog

The naming of the blog. Sounds scary right?? Trust me it was.  Or it was at least hard, thats for sure. This blog made me realize one thing. I am the least creative person alive. I mean it.  Im pretty sure i stared at my computer screen for hours.  Hours later I'm still staring at the screen.  So i enlisted the help of my family. Let me share with you what we came up with. 

My adorable little sister Mercedez- usually a creative little bugger, was not so very creative last night. So heres the list. Judge it as you will
  1. She says "Maddi do you have an inside joke? Like:  I HAVE A CUPCAKE!!!"  hmmm....let me think for a moment. NOPE. Lets try again. 
  2. How about Apple juice? haha she's just so funny:)
  3. Miss Roboto- At this point I'm rolling in laughter. 
 I have the best little sister in the world!!!!! But she's not creative at 11:00 at night.  My mom then precedes to call me so i ask her, she nominates "Never Mad". Which is true. But its not to cute and catchy. Im after cute and catchy:)  Hahaha here i come Facebook! And who should be on Facebook? My older sister Meagan in Alaska.  She's adorable, but unfortunately for her ideas were even worse than Sadie's. Here is her list:
  1. MaddiBug- Due to the fact that i do drive a yellow bug
  2. YellowBug- haha because i have blonde hair AND i drive a yellow bug
  3. Flower Child- At this point my brother-in-law Darren joins in. This one is kinda offending. I'd like to think I'm a classy girl now, flower child was only a stage.
  4. Ruberducky37- Super Duper random
  5. Napoleon Dynamite #1 fan- Your kidding me right?? haha my family is just so funny
  6. Alaska_want_to_be- This one is totally true. I do wanna be in alaska. And hopefully i will be when i get out on break.  But sadly this is not a blog name. Just a secret obsession right now.
Now aren't they just the greatest? Now i know their ideas sucked, but they were there for me at nearly midnight!! Thats pretty darn neat if you ask me. :)  So after much thinking, and a day later....Ive decided on MY NOGGIN BLOGGINS!!! Why may you ask?  I have a mind of my own. I always have. I always will. It is constantly running, thinking, and daydreaming. I can control it (thank goodness) but sometimes its just fun when i don't.  So my blog is born. Enjoy it. Laugh at it. Please don't cry at it. Read it when your bored. Read it when your in class or at work. Read it instead of getting on Facebook.  To follow or not to follow? The choice is up to you.  Let the blogging begin:)

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