Friday, December 30, 2011

A Horse of a Tale

So i have this super cute friend named Sarah. She is just so adorable and cute. 
Well today she took Mercedez and me HORSEBACK riding!!
Thats right, I'm practically a cowgirl now. All i need is a hat...and a horse of my own:)
But we were super nervous. 
Because horses are huge!
And we are so small in comparison.
But we faced a fear and check out what happened.
Meet Goliath, my sturdy steed for the day. 
Ain't he a cutie?

And this handsome fella is Joker. 

And just like that I'm up. Don't we look good together? 

What a lovely bunch we are.

So...Did i mention that we had to catch our own horses? Because we did.  
We caught them. 
We saddled them.
We gave them some lovin.  I'm telling ya, Mr. Goliath was a cuddle bug.
And of course took some pictures- i had to have proof 

So we mount up. And we are off! Can you believe i got my very own horse? I know absolutely nothing about horses. Not a thing I'm tellin you.  
They gave me a horse and said have at it. 
Do you know what i could do with a horse?
Well neither do i, but thats beside the point. 

So we all leave on our own horses. And we go on a ride.  It wasn't one of those "let me lead this horse on a rope while you sit on it" kinda rides.  I had the reins in my hands and my feet in the stirrups. I had complete control of Goliath.  Although he didn't listen to me all the time.  Goliath had a mind of his own.  He like to randomly stop.  And he loved to talk.  All the other horses were silent, but mine was a talker.  We went perfect together, because just like the horse, i couldn't shut up. So we rode on.  We didn't just walk though. We trotted. And we GALLOPED!! 
It was thrilling.
It was scary. 
My butt couldn't stay in the saddle. 
But i didn't mind, I felt free.
I felt like a blonde Pocahontas.

My little sister had quite the experience also.  Her horse loved to gallop.  Sadie however did not. All i can say is I'm glad she hung on for dear life.  Poor Joker scared the wits out of her. After that we walked:) 

So after an exhilarating day, i left poor Goliath in his field and i went home.  I live to tell another tale, to see another day.  For tonight i will have little horsie dreams and tomorrow i will have a sore butt!!

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