Monday, February 6, 2012


  So how about them Giants??
I just love Super Bowl Sunday:)
And what a good game, the Patriots and Giants put on.
I had almost given up hope on the Giants for the win
Then something amazing happened
Ahmad Bradshaw made a touchdown with his butt.

How cool is that?
and it came out of nowhere. 
Booyah Baby!!

But really how about that half-time show?
Did anyone else feel like they were watching their grandma on stage half naked?
The music was good. 
Everything else...not so much.
And those commercials!!
i love love them. 
Here's my favorites

Thats right. I'm sexy and i know it.

Strangely i wish something like this would've happened to me.
haha its just so great.

This one is awesome
How flippin cute:)

How ever.  
If i have to choose just one.
Then this one is the clear winner

Isn't that just the greatest thing ever?
And it promotes adopting a dog
So touching.

Super-Bowl is a great tradition. 
Its the one time a year I actually want to watch football.
Wanna know something cool also?
This was the first year I actually did a little research on the team i wanted to win.
I didn't pick the team with the hottest quarterback. 
I am proud of myself.
Go me. 

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