Saturday, February 18, 2012

Home Sweet Home

So in honor of President's day....
I have a THREE day weekend!!
so that means, 
that i came home:)
Aviators on
Music up
And sunroof open
thats right, look at that sunshine on my face. 
I'm home bound:)
So I wanted to share some of my favorite things about my home
Here it goes.

1. My Parents- They gave me life, of course I'm gonna miss them
 but i didn't realize how much:)
plus they love fussing over me
and lets face it, its nice to get attention:)

2. My siblings- Its nice to fight, to love each other, to hang out. To just be siblings. 

3. My DOGS!! 
who wouldn't miss those faces?
they are just so FLUFFY!!!

4. A BIG BED- i can sprawl out however i want to. 
And i don't hit my head on the wall. always a bonus.

5. My little nicknacks- I'm talking about my books, pillows, shoes, clothes, wall decor
pretty much all the things i couldn't take to college

6. My Daddy's truck- Im a sucker for a truck. And baby, i just love my daddy's.
The power. 
The muscle. 
Heck yes. 

7. Soft couches- haha we recently got new couches at my Apt.
Lets just say we call them the chastity couches.
they are hard as rocks.  
Actually i think i would rather sit on a rock.

8. Pillows- i just love pillows. 
Pillows on my bed. 
Pillows on the couches.
Pillows, Pillows, Pillows. 
One can never have to many pillows.

9. Hard wood floors- This one is kinda silly. 
But they are the best to dance around on.
Plus they are shiny. 
I like shiny. 

10. My parents cooking- i can handle my own in the kitchen
But its nice not cooking. 
plus they cater to what i want. 
They are just so amazing.

11. NICHELLE!!!- can't forget about my best friend:) 
Miss having her around up at school. 
Got ice cream and had a chance to catch up
We mostly talked about boys. 
 Decided that boys turn us into crazy people. 

Coming home is the best. 
The hard part is leaving. 
Why o why do i have to leave so soon?
All good things must come to an end sooner or later. 
Its been good. Its been fun. 
Cant wait till next time:)

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