Saturday, October 13, 2012

No Complaints

Holy Hannah Banana. 
Its been FOREVER...since I've talked to you beautiful people
I should work on changing that. 
I am going to. 

Any who. Anyways. Moving on. 
So college is back in session,
and its SO SO great to be back. 
Back with friends. 
Back in a routine. 
Back in Rexburg. 
Back in the sight of boys. (ones worthy of being in the sight of)
Im even glad to be back in class. 
Strange huh?

I love everything about this last month. 
I have an amazing apartment filled with five beautiful amazing girls, 
of who I am proud to call my roommates. 

Happy Birthday Chris!!
*note says HAPPY. Not HARRY. Although Harry Chris is funnier. 

 Snug as a bug. At a game. In a blanket. 

 Bon fire

 Gutair Zombies

"Field tripping" in Montana at QuakeLake 

We are all special in our own ways... 
but together we make for the BOMB APARTMENT!
Natalie, Kara, Kristen, Courtney and Nichelle
you girls put the bomb in this bombing apartment!
Mwah Mwah Mwah!!!

It is the best feeling in the world
when you love where you are at in life. complaints. 
There just simply isn't enough room for them in this beautiful world of mine. 


P.S. - Went to a rodeo last night.  Hmmm gotta love them cowboys right? 
Guess I'll always have a little Wyoming roots in me, 
cause I will ALWAYS be attracted to those cowboys and country boys. 

No complaints:)
And if there is...I go for a run. 
Problem.  fixed. 

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