Wednesday, March 7, 2012

That Look

So tonight I was watching a movie with Ela, 
and you can only guess that it was a chick flick. 
We watched 27 dresses. 
One of my favorite chick flicks ever. 
Its so adorable. 
James Marsden is just adorable. 
When he's singing Bennie and the Jets
And especially when he gives that look. 
You know the one. 
The one where the bride walks down the isle to her groom. 
It's just so stinking cute. 
I want that look. 
Not now.
Whenever it comes will be fine with me. 
But I hope on my big day, my groom gives me that look.
Every girl deserves that look I think:)
Plus doesn't that look make a good love story?
I think so.

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