Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Potty Time

With a three year old boy, life is always interesting.  
And today was definitely an adventure to say the least. 
So its that time....
Its time for Potty Training!!!
and oh boy its turning out to be an adventure.
Peyton is enjoying potty training I think. 
Every time he goes he gets a "Potty Treat".

He's becoming quite the little candy hoarder. :)
Earlier today I thought potty training was the cutest thing ever...
however my mind has now been changed. 

It all started with going to Conner's T-ball game. 
Where Peyton declared he had to go potty, 
so being the great aunt that I am 
I hauled the little munchkin to the bathroom. 

Upon arriving at the porta potty, 
Peyton took one look at it and kept asking, 
"What is that?" over and over again 
It was quite hilarious.  
Then the unthinkable happened.  
That little stinker peed on my foot. 
He literally did.  

Wait though...that isn't the best part. 
In the porta potty next to us was Conner's T-ball coach
(who I happen to think is quite attractive)
I'm pretty sure he heard me freak out over the pee on my foot. 
Haha isn't my luck the greatest? :)

Both me and Peyton got potty treats for that one,
 Thank goodness.


  1. Hahahaha! That is TOO funny! :) :)

    1. You have no idea:) I guess something was bound to happen after two months of living with the kiddos! ;)