Sunday, November 18, 2012

Holy Ground

So a lot has been on my mind lately. 
And these thoughts keep reoccurring...
so they must mean something. 
They have to right?
I've been thinking a lot of how extremely blessed I have been. 

The other day Nichelle and I were messing around in the piano room, 
and for me time stood still. 
With Nichelle playing away at the piano, 
I sat and watched outside through the window. 
Leaves were falling and people were out walking. 
The funny/weird thing was, 
it was like they were dancing to the music Nichelle was making. 
I don't quite know how to describe it, 
but it was surreal. 
Time was frozen. 
And in that moment life was perfect. 

So many of my life's blessing came to mind. 
And by no surprise most of them were centered around this beautiful campus Byu-Idaho. 
I love it here. 
The other night Nichelle and me went and saw
It's a Wonderful Life, 
 on campus. 
I had never seen it before, and I LOVE'D IT!

It really put things into perspective for me. 
My life is fantastic. 
Im surrounded by awesome people who inspire me everyday. 
I know today...
that there is no better place for me, than to be on this campus right now.
It posses a certain magic to it. 
It is Holy Ground. 

And then that brings up a whole new thought. 
Holy Ground. 
Today I went to the rededication of the Boise Idaho Temple.
This was my first temple dedication. 
It it was unforgettable. 
It was sacred. 
It was motivating for me. 
I had chills through out the whole dedication. 
And it wasn't because I was cold. 
So extremely grateful to have our temple on the hill in Rexburg

What a marvelous, wonderful life I do have. 
Im grateful for the little moment to reflect upon it. 
And I believe everything does happen for a reason. 
I don't quite know why things have happen the way they have this semester, 
but I do know that its because of a higher force.
And its made me realize what I do have. 
And I do have a wonderful life :)

P.S. Ever heard Holy Ground byTaylor Swifts ? 
Its been in my mind A LOT lately

 She says "And right there where we stood was holy ground."
I think she's taking about Byu-Idaho. 
Just sayin. ;)


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