Sunday, December 16, 2012

I blog.

So I don't keep a journal. 
I keep a blog. 
I don't keep a journal for fear of turning it into a burn book. 
A book where I complain about my life. 
About my struggles. 
About my life. 
And about people I don't like. 
I blog instead. 
And i don't really care who sees them. 
Now I usually post my blog on Facebook, 
but tonight I think this one is mostly for me. 
If you follow me, you get it. 
but no Facebook tonight, just to you the blogging world. 

So this semester has been a tough one for me. 
I've learned so many things. 
All very valuable to me growing as a person. 
But they weren't necessary the easiest thing in my life. 
Through events of the semester 
I learned to love. 
I've learned to lose. 
I learned where trust is needed, lost, and gained. 
I've became more independent. 
I've also learned how to not be a good friend. 
I'm in the process of learning how to understand. 
Along with trying to forgive. 

I know our trials happen for a reason. 
I know we might not understand them. Which I don't. 
But I do know that in the end it will be all right. 
Things happen for a reason. 
People come and go in our lives. 
And the ones that remain our special. 
And we should never let them go. 

Pinterest can make one feel better almost every single time:)


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